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What people have said...

Rob is hands down the most professional and knowledgeable Chiropractor I have ever had help me. Before seeing Rob I had issues with my left knee, hip and lower back, which was preventing my progression in the weights room and causing day to day activities to be quite painful. 

Rob was able to identify the link between all three areas and we began my treatments. As well as relieving the pain in my knee, hip and back he explained exactly where I was going wrong and what I needed to do to correct my imbalances and gave me 'homework' to do inside and outside the gym. 

As a Personal Trainer and competitive Powerlifter I knew I had to put whatever ego I had aside and listen to his advice if I wanted to be competing for the long term. 

After a few treatments and following Rob's advice outside of our sessions I noticed a dramatic improvement. I was able to start squatting pain free after a few weeks and I am finally able to start making progress again. 

I've personally recommended Rob to my clients and friends and will continue to do so because I genuinely believe he is the best at what he does. 

Ash L - BDFPA 90kg Welsh Powerlifting Champion 2017 

Back pain Ash Lewis BDFPA 90kg ADT Chiropractic welsh powerlifting champion Cardiff
Tight neck shoulder pain Cardiff Nathan Thorley Welsh boxng champion ADT Chiropracitc headaches

“I went to see Rob after having regular neck and back trouble from over 10 years of professional rugby. Rob was very thorough with his initial assessment and no stone was left unturned. After the first treatment I instantly felt better and noticed a big difference in my training quality and shorter recovery periods after sessions. I see Rob regularly now to keep my body in the best health possible to maximise my rugby career.” 

Chris C – Ex-Welsh international rugby player 

“Rob has treated me for two separate complaints, chronic elbow and acute back pain. I have seen a marked improvement in both areas with the elbow symptoms almost completely eradicated. Rob is extremely professional and knowledgeable but also very personable which is a great comfort when you are in pain! I would highly recommend him and the chiropractic methods he uses to anyone in need of acute or chronic treatment.” 

Lloyd M – Personal trainer 

“It’s been a while since my last chiropractic treatment and I have quite high standards when it comes to an adjustment. I was so happy to not only receive an excellent adjustment from Rob, but to also meet someone with a competent, analytical understanding of the subject and with an excellent bedside manner. I left after my first treatment feeling really well adjusted and with a good understanding of what I need to do to ensure I was keeping a healthy spine between treatments. I regularly go back now and have never been disappointed.” 

Kat C 

Rob has been a godsend. I had been seeing another chiropractor for 6 months due to a damaged disc in my lower back with no significant improvement. On a recommendation I booked a consultation with Rob. I found him to be extremely thorough and knowledgeable and he explained everything that was wrong in great detail. 4 appointments later and the results are astounding. My range of motion has gone from not being able to touch my knees without extreme pain to now touching my toes with no discomfort. I’ve even been able to start weight training again. I can’t recommend Rob enough. He’s great at his job, knows his stuff and is a top bloke 

Matthew D

Cardiff ADT Chiropractic back pain sciatica nerve pain knee pain

After injuring my back deadlifting I suffered severe sciatica for one and a half years, I accepted that I would have to deal with the constant pain forever or hopefully by some miracle it would disappear....thankfully I met Rob and he suggested his services which I took him up was one of the best decisions I have made in my adult life! 

After the initial assessment, a few adjustments and some deep tissue massage I was back deadlifting for the first time in a year and a half....PAIN FREE.... and that was a few hours after my first appointment. 4 sessions later and I'm deadlifting, squatting and carrying heavy loads without any flair ups....and to add to that....I don't have to put my socks on sitting down, experience any pain picking things up from the floor or being sat down for long periods.

I cannot recommend Rob enough, nice bloke, extremely knowledgeable and breaks things down in an easy to understand way.
Dave R

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