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No time to rehab? Try this…

Many people find rehabilitation hard to squeeze in to their busy lives, and with many people sitting down for most of the day I came up with this exercise to combine the two!

I call it “On the hour ever hour”

Heres what to do - When you’re at work set your phone, watch or clock to beep every hour. When you hear the beep sit up as straight as possible with your shoulder’s pushed back and down. Hold this position for 2-5 mins then relax, repeat this every hour.

If you repeat this every hour of your working day you would have done approx 30 mins of rehab without effecting your day!

Progression - Every week add 1-3 minutes on to the time you held that posture for so if you were holding it for 3 minutes every hour last week try between 4-6 minutes this week

Before you know it you will be sitting up straight effortlessly

Why is this method so effective?

First off this exercise train’s your postural muscles to become stronger and have greater endurance.

Secondly, your body has receptors in every joint which is able to tell your brain where you are in space, for example if you close your eye’s you are able to tell if you arm or leg is straight or bent when you move it, don’t believe me? Close your eyes and then touch your nose…easy? Well that’s because the brain is able to use these receptors to guide you even without your sight.

When you start your journey to sitting up straight it will feel alien to you at first but slowly as the day/weeks go by you will feel that you sit up straight with out even thinking about it, and sitting slouched will now be the position that feels alien!

If you have any more questions about how to improve your work space or posture please send us a message!

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