Rob Kingdom DC

A local Cardiff man, and clinic director Rob, graduated from the University of South Wales with a Masters degree in Chiropractic, achieving a distinction. Rob's interest in the subject began after suffering a neck injury playing rugby, where for almost two years he found nothing was able to help. He was then recommended to go and see a chiropractor who provided natural short term and long term pain relief. It was this that influenced Rob's decision to take the jump into a new career path, even with a baby on the way.

Rob has always enjoyed learning about the biomechanics of the body, completing 10 years as a qualified personal trainer.

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Since practicing, Rob has a keen interest in the treatment of sports injuries and rehabilitation.


His treatment style includes soft tissue massage, joint manipulation, stretching and dry needling. He provides advice and guidance to his patients, helping to provide the best results he possibly can.

Growing up in Cardiff and having roots here, he was very keen to stay local and set up his clinic to continue to help family and friends.